This conference intends to gather high level decision making leaders and business executives from Iran and Europe to discuss new horizons of cooperation and identify existing potentials and practical opportunities considered to be flourishing and with promising prospects under the prevailing circumstances.

What makes this event a special one, is the attendance of key officials from Iran attending and sharing their views with the audience. Moreover this is the first time that we will be dealing with New Horizon of opportunities that is sweeping Iran’s Economy and emerging very strongly. We believe that under present conditions, new horizons of opportunities will practically consolidate cooperation among European entities and their Iranian counterparts.

The conference is highlighted by the attendance of Dr. Sorena Satari, the Vice President of Iran for Technology who will share with us his insights about the new emerging fields of activities. We will also have the advantage of participation of Dr. Abbas Araghchi, senior nuclear negotiator who holds the position of Deputy Foreign Minister of Iran for political affairs and who will brief us about the prevailing situation.

New windows of opportunity have been created by the withdrawal of the Trump Administration from Iran Nuclear Deal. Europe, Russia and China on the one side and Iran on the other, have vowed to continue to respect their commitment under the agreement. This means “New opportunity for cooperation”.

Built on the success of Vienna Conference held in a very critical time in 2015, now once again as the prevailing condition of business with Iran needs some clarification and new solutions, our next event in Brussels intends to shed light on the new horizon of cooperation with focus on Technology, Start-up fields, Fintech (Financial technology), Energy, Renewables and Natural Resources as well as Mining, Venture Capital  Investments and Free Zone Businesses. The event will provide participants with authentic analysis and first-hand intellect. Notwithstanding all noises, Iran remains to offer Business and investment opportunities with a very attractive yield relative to other parts of the region.