Economic Feasibility

BMTG conducts full-scale studies that incorporate investment and operating costs, the time value of money and risk and uncertainty to determine if a venture makes long-term economic sense.

We have conducted economic feasibility studies for public and private clients across a broad range of industries and projects including agriculture, environment and natural resources, recreation and tourism facilities, commercial and industrial businesses, business cooperatives, water development and renewable energy projects.

Our analyses include estimated costs to establish and operate the businesses, upfront investment requirements, market penetration, revenues, cash flow and rate of return and payback period.

Economic Analyses

Our economists work alongside engineers and scientists and use cutting-edge statistical and programming software and state-of-the-art GIS and GPS technology to provide clients with objective, economic analyses. We deliver include the economic impact of changes in water supply on agriculture, cost-benefit and economic impact analysis of invasive species, and utility cost of service studies and setting rates.

Our environmental economics expertise extends to estimating the dollar value of ecosystem services, evaluating the cost-effectiveness of ecosystem management strategies, determining the community and social benefits of green development practices and policies, and assessing the economic impacts of environmental policies and programs.

Economics and Decision Sciences

The key to successfully using environmental information is to utilise rigorous, quantitative frameworks that align the data analysis with the decision makers. Our suite of decision-science services – including business solutions, risk management, ecological modeling, and science communications – can help clients to improve decision making by collecting the right data, analysing it with an innovative approach, interpreting it with the right quantitative tools, and effectively communicating the results to stakeholders. Our teams work collaboratively to provide the clearest picture of client data and identify ways to utilise this information to maximise opportunities and limit liabilities.

Resource Economics and Cost Analysis

BMTG helps companies to manage the financial and economic aspects of their natural resource and environmental liabilities. We use quantitative tools that allow clients to measure, manage and monitor their risks, opportunities and business performance. Understanding the total scope of liability associated with a site or portfolio of sites is critical to any successful liability management strategy. We routinely use sophisticated financial and statistical models to highlight factors that can drive cost increases or reductions.


BMTG uses a comprehensive approach to statistics that supports all stages of an environmental study, from design to the analysis of the resulting data. Our statisticians work with clients and use available information to design appropriate surveys and monitoring programs. We answer questions by delivering defensible and statistically sound results in a clear and comprehensive manner.

Our statisticians have training and experience that includes toxicology, risk assessment, water resources, ecology and fisheries, and can communicate with clients from diverse backgrounds to foster effective collaboration and answer a broad range of environmental questions.