BMTG is an Iranian consultant and Engineering company that provides consulting, engineering services, and Commissioning of solar parks, wind farms, CHP & CCHP in Iran and abroad.
We can optimize the income of solar parks based on special conditions of Iran’s Climate and CPF with an Artificial Intelligence algorithm to obtain maximum IRR. Our engineering services include site survey and selection, creating feasibility study of project, design, monitoring, and supervising a project on behalf of the project owner.
Our developing department has a large network with a local contractor to build the power plants with minimum cost. O&M and fault detection (FD) and Isolation (FDI) of solar, wind, CHP, and Waste to Energy projects are other sorts of activities of our group, our CEO has been a founder of a start-up and pioneer company in the UK.
We work with investors, project developers, and owners to help manage risk throughout the entire project life cycle, and to ensure the performance and safety of systems especially megawatt-scale power plants in Iran.
BMTG have been had cooperation and signed MoU with its partners, such as SANEL group(Turkey), More for Planet(Italy), ACROPORA Capital(UK), SAM Energy(France), and also WEICHAI company(China) which is representative of BAUDOIN of France which had been professional in producing Gas Engines since 100 years ago and we are a pleasure to supply them in IRAN right now.