BMTG company’s safety, health and environmental services (HSE) are as follows:

Consulting, implementation and deployment of environmental management systems, occupational safety and health according to ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, HSE-MS

Crisis Management Studies and its Instructions on Sites

Providing consulting services, designing and monitoring in the field of safety engineering including HAZID, HAZOP, Risk Assessment, Engineering Safety and Health during construction, and the formulation and implementation of the EPR Emergency Response Plan

Environmental management and planning includes EIA environmental impact assessments, EBS environmental studies, ERA environmental risk assessment, EMP environmental management plans development

Measure and monitor air, water, soil and sound pollutants

Control and refining of pollutants include design and implementation of collection and treatment systems, design and implementation of the water transfer network, wastewater collection and treatment, design and implementation of solid waste management systems.