Robust, independent solar energy assessments from a trusted and experienced partner help you build confidence in your project’s financial viability.

The financing of a solar energy project will depend on how much energy the plant can produce. Hence many lenders demand an energy assessment as of the project’s technical due diligence before agreeing to finance a project.

As a trusted, independent partner, we can give your energy forecasts the credibility to reassure your stakeholders. Our solar resource assessment service gives a completely impartial estimate of your plant’s energy output. We help you answer questions like:

  • Can the project make a solid return on investment?
  • What finances might be needed to keep the project running?

Full lifecycle service

You can call for our support throughout the lifecycle of your project: from prospecting through construction to performance and operations monitoring. We can help you understand the plant’s potential production but also the risks and uncertainties throughout its lifetime.

Our solar resource assessment services include:

  • Energy production estimates
    • Production distributions with confidence levels and mean outputs
  • Uncertainty analysis
    • Stress case reviews and downside risk analyses ensure your plant is financially viable even during bad years
  • Review of solar resources
    • Meteorological review of public databases, on-site measurements and satellite data for high-quality input into energy production simulations
  • Power time-series
    • Enables utilities to assess the grid impact of your project

Creating confidence

Through our Solar energy assessment, you get a completely independent, external view on the production potential of your plant. You also benefit from our vast experience built up over thousands of solar projects around the world: whatever conditions your plant faces, we’ve seen them before. In addition, we have a strong reputation as an adviser to lenders – ours is a name they know they can trust.