What technical developments we offer for renewable energy projects?

We can help you:

  • Understand and mitigate a variety of technical, legal and socio-environmental risks before you commit your valuable time and resources to the project
  • Identify technical risks that could compromise your project’s profitability
  • Ensure that the technical feasibility of the project makes for a sound investment
  • Ensure that all factors have been accounted for in the development process
  • Ensure complete and updated documentation
  • Save time and expense in the event of defects and warranty claims by accessing the correct paperwork
  • Confirm compliance with all the relevant requirements and standards

Our technical documentation review provides comprehensive verification of your documents, to ensure that your paperwork is complete, up-to-date and in compliance with all required standards. We review:

  • System information
  • Information on suppliers and installers
  • Circuit diagrams
  • Data sheets and certificates for individual system components
  • Mounting and installation manuals
  • Guarantee and warranty documents
  • Test and commissioning data